Friendly accommodation facilities

All the guests of the friendly accommodation facilities, from 2021, receive a discount voucher to be used for their overnight stay, with direct booking (telephone or e-mail), presenting at check-in, the invoice or an entrance ticket issued by one of the activities of the Marsala Factory’s Friends group.

The discount coupon is linked to the previous spending at the group’s business and to the “voucher number” next to the name of the same, in the list on the appropriate page. It is applied to every 100 euros spent on the group’s activity.

Keep your invoices and tickets! Everything is very easy and fast!

What else do you want?

NB: The vouchers are cumulative. The discount is applied up to 60% of the cost of the overnight stay. They are not valid in August.


Friendly accommodation facilities throughout Italy

Friendly accommodation facilities in Marsala or in the near area