Giardinello Stagnone Sunset – the country bed and breakfast at Marsala Factory

The bed and breakfast “Giardinello Stagnone Sunset”, located in a slight elevation, about 7 km from the historic center of Marsala, enjoys the most beautiful views of Marsala: the Stagnone with its islets and the Egadi, the hill and the city of Marsala .

Halfway between the historic center of Marsala and the Stagnone area, it is the ideal place for those who love art, for those who want to relax and not give up the opportunity to reach the heart of the city in a few minutes by car and for those who Kitesurf playes.

It is in a welcoming first floor with large verandas in a villa surrounded by a large garden full of succulents and trees.

At Giardinello Stagnone Sunset you can use the Wi-Fi for free, store drinks or snacks in the common fridge, park your car.

In all the bedrooms there is a balcony and a mosquito net. In some bedrooms there is air conditioning. Being the height the bed and breakfast is very ventilated.

Bathrooms are outside the bedrooms (a few meters). Some are private, others in common.

The Italian breakfast is varied and is eaten on the veranda. Breakfast time is what allows all guests to get to know each other around a single table.

This is the ideal place to forget the smog and noise of the city.

This bed and breakfast is not a hotel! So the cleanliness of the common areas is guaranteed, but after you have collected the key from your bedroom, you will have to think about it! No one will enter until you leave, except for the change of sheets and towels, if you stay a few days. Room cleaning service is not included in the price. If you wish, you can request it for a fee.

The atmosphere that you breathe is very familiar.

If you stay here, from April, you have the chance to visit Marsala Factory or take part in the creative workshops! You are free to participate or just choose to sleep, wash and have breakfast.

We love animals but we can not accept them, because in the garden (only in the garden) there are kittens who are the real owners of the whole structure!

We love all those who respect the structure, the people present and the kittens!

Come on in 2021 to the bed and breakfast “Giardinello Stagnone Sunset” by Vespa and get a discount!


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