What it is


Marsala Factory was born in 2018 as an Independent Cultural Center that includes different artistic and technological expressions, on site and remotely.

Later it also became a theater blog that reports the most interesting shows in Sicily, Rome and Milan.

A perpetual work in progress that inserts new projects, eliminates others and / or keeps others on stand-by for a while.

The blog is currently active: the virtual Independent Cultural Center. The physical one is evolving but will reopen shortly.


Marsala Factory was born with exhibition spaces set up in particular points of the garden, musical sunsets, aperitifs aboard the vintage LT28 Volkswagen, a camper van from the legendary 70s and much more! It was conceived as a “work in progress” project.


THE OBJECTIVE is to collect a variety of interactive cultural forms, also giving artists and cultural operators the opportunity to express themselves and make themselves known in an unusual, real and virtual place.


It will be open again very soon.

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