COVID19 notice

This year, due to Covid19, we decided not to open the “Giardinello Stagnone Sunset” bed and breakfast. The reason is simple: the structure offers above all the family atmosphere that its guests seek and adore, incompatible with the safety distances necessary to guarantee the good health of all, which we particularly care about.

This decision has been very thoughtful and painful. We preferred to give up the collection of a season, rather than distorting the bed and breakfast and imposing distances and routes between guests that wouldn’t allow them to fully enjoy the holiday in the structure, as we understand it. For the same reason, we will not kick off the exhibitions, the itinerant aperitifs on the camper and the new activities that we had the program for this year.

Everything will be postponed until next year! We will all be more charged and we will all embrace more warmly!

The “Shower Shows” apartment, in the historic center of the city, remains open, however, because guests inside must not share spaces and times with other people. Check-in and check-out here is only done by a person with a mask.

The activity of the blog and all the remote work remains unchanged.